CrossFit Workout for beginners

Burpees, Pushups, Half Crunches and Air Squats

crossfit workout for beginners

Beginning of anything is difficult and so is the CrossFit workout. It demands discipline for both your diet and exercises so that within a month you find a remarkable change in your fitness level. However, this doesn’t mean crossing all the limits and pushing yourself too hard that it turns you on the hospital bed. Keeping this in mind here a few important CrossFit Workout for beginners has been pointed out. Take a walk through it and keep yourself physically fit, as a healthy body is a birthplace of an active mind. Check out our WODs for more fun workouts.


As a beginner, you are advised not to do intense workouts and that is why it is considered good to start with a burpee. Sadly, not many find Burpees exciting as it is difficult to a certain extent for many beginners, but for an effective result, you must do it.

How to do burpees?

First stand with your legs stretched comfortably, then squat by lowering yourself. Now, you must put your hands on the ground and then use your legs to get into a pushup position. Once in this position, do the pushup and then come back to the squat position only to land back on your legs in the standing position.


Whether you like it or not befriend pushups as this is the best way of doing CrossFit workout for beginners as well as experts. Make sure you do not use your knees in case you are unable to do a basic push-up. You can use a platform to raise your hands off the ground, thereby making the pushups easier.

How to do push-ups?

You just need to place your hands to the ground directly under your shoulders. Now, lower your body to the floor and after reaching the bottom, get to the starting position immediately.

Half Crunches

To enhance your strength and flexibility, it is a good option to do half crunches after joining a CrossFit training center.

How to do half crunches?

As a beginner, you can do it easily by activating your abs to lift your torso but very slightly. You first need to lie on your back on a mat with knees bent and your feet just as wide as your hips. Now, put your hands against your chest and then slowly and gently lift your head up. Make sure you do this using only your abs and without exerting pressure on your waist.  

Air Squats

Air squat is a great way of starting your CrossFit workouts, as it targets your thighs and gives a balance to your lower body.

How to do air squats?

You can do it easily by moving your hips and knees simultaneously with your feet remaining flat on the ground throughout the air squat.

Start by lowering your body and bending at the knees keeping it in line with your toes. Now, drop your hips below the knees and make sure you keep a braced position in the spine. After doing this, you can push your back up to your heels thereby coming back to your standing position.


It is highly advisable that you perform all the above-mentioned CrossFit Workout for beginners in a gentle manner and under the supervision of a coach from CrossFit PFR

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