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To remain fit you need constant motivation and who could give you better motivation than famous Crossfit athletes. So, scroll down to take a look at the finest women and men athletes in the world who have been the icon of fitness in the world of CrossFit.

Starting with the female CrossFit athletes first:

Annie Thorisdottir — Reykjavík, Iceland

Starting with Annie Thorisdottir from Iceland, who has been a star on Instagram because of her commitment to stay fittest on the earth, one can say that remaining fit and healthy is not a challenge for her, but it’s her lifestyle.

Samantha Briggs — Manchester, England

This fitness queen from England knows that taking extra effort pays you something more. She is one of the famous CrossFit athletes, who inspire others to come out of their shell and challenge their limitations. Samantha prefers listening to loud music during her workout.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet — Montreal, Québec

Her legs are strong and so is her spirit. That is why you can find Camille from Québec doing lifts and other exercises regularly in an effortless way on the videos uploaded by her on Instagram. Definitely, she has the factor required to be a dedicated fitness lover.

If the mercury seems to be rising with these fitness loving women then certainly, these fit men on earth will instill inspiration and pump your blood to be the next champion in CrossFit games.

Mat Fraser, USA

With the title of Fittest Man on Earth, Fraser has been a brainwave for most of the fitness lovers all around the world. Perhaps that is why he was considered as a winner of last year CrossFit games even before it commenced.

Patrick Vellner, Canada

He is not just one of the famous CrossFit athletes in the world but also a former national-level gymnast, who has received accolades from all corners for his splendid performance in the CrossFit Games last year and since then he has only enhanced his fan following.

James Newbury, Australia

Competed on Australian Ninja Warrior as well, Newbury is not just Australia’s Fittest Man (2017), but an icon of encouragement for many CrossFit athletes around all the continents. His videos on Instagram build a new passion in you for fitness.


Challenging tasks, heavy workouts and gymnastic-inspired exercises displayed by all the aforementioned famous CrossFit athletes only give new energy to you. That is why you are advised to remain inspired and motivated by these personalities who are a living portrait of perfect fitness. They define fitness by their impressive acts of physical activity which ensures that you also remain focused in your life and enjoy a healthy life.

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