Hand care tips for Crossfit

Hand care tips for Crossfit

In pursuit of fitness sometimes you have to follow a strict routine that includes strenuous physical exercises. Unfortunately, these workouts are tough on your hands and lead to hand injuries. However, you can avoid these injuries by following hand care tips for CrossFit.

So, take a look at the tips mentioned below that can help you prevent shreds and tears in your hands:

Remove Calluses

When you frequently do rope climbs, barbell work, pull-ups and other such things involved in CrossFit training process then it rips off your hand. This also leads to rough edges or sharp patches on your hands. You need to remove it before it becomes hard. The best way to do so is to remove these calluses by using a pumice stone. This is a great and proven way which is cheap and healthy. You can rub your hands with this while taking a bath or shower.  It will make your skin softer again.

Use moisturizer

The hardness of your hands due to the regular CrossFit exercises could be resolved. If you use a high-quality moisturizer on calluses. This will keep your palm and the surrounding skin soft. You may use oil and other natural ingredients too to keep your hands moisturized. These are olive oil, beeswax, eucalyptus essential oils, etc. The chalks rubbed on hands during rope climbing can make your hands dry. You can avoid this by using the cream once a day.

Use hand sanitizer

Another hand care tips for CrossFit which is quite effective in offering a shield to your hands from germs, bacteria, and fungus is hand sanitizer. You must always keep it in your CrossFit gym bag and use it frequently so that no germs remain on your hands and keep your free from infection.

Adjust your Grip before changing exercise

If you do not want hand injuries then you need to ensure that your grip is strong. For this, you need to adjust your grip when you change exercises. This won’t take much time but it will keep you safe from injuries and bruises.  

Wrap your thumb

You need to protect your thumb for hook grip and that is why you are advised to wrap your thumb around the bar. After this lock it in with your fingers. This way your thumb will remain free from injuries and you can have a strong grip around the bars. Try to tape your thumb and fingers


The tape is quite flexible around joints and that is why it will be good to wrap your thumbs and fingers with tape. It will offer you full mobility for the hook grip and will also help you pull bar easily.


If you are someone who takes his fitness seriously then you will try to prevent any type of hand injury during your workout. So, this time make sure you follow all the aforementioned hand care tips for CrossFit and you will see the result in a short span of time.

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