CrossFit PFR provides personal training in Fort Collins, Colorado, helping you become a more confident version of yourself and build habits you’ll keep for life. We understand group fitness classes don’t work for everyone. Furthermore, every single person is unique and different. If you’re looking for a one-on-one session to work on a specific skill or prefer a more personalized approach to your specific fitness goals, our Fort Collins Personal Training program is for you!

Personal training provides you with an opportunity to learn the requirements of training, improve your skills, and take your fitness to the next level. Your personalized training session can be implemented with CrossFit or simply be your main focus. Our certified persona trainers will guide you as you work towards your fitness goals. We’re committed to creating the perfect fitness program, designed 100 percent for you! Our Personal Training program in Fort Collins is perfect for people of all experience levels and anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of what a personalized approach has to offer.

Our Approach to Personal Training

We’ve found that some people benefit more in a personalized, one-on-one environment since they have specific goals that are likely not to be achieved in the class programming. Sometimes, you just want to focus on a specific skill. Your individual background, needs, goals, and- frankly- time are important!

Your one-on-one session is scheduled with an experienced coach that best fits your specific needs, goals, and time constraints. Your coach will then have a detailed discussion with you concerning your body composition and fitness goals. Sharing and discussing your personal goals with our certified personal trainer creates more accountability both when inside and outside the gym.

Potential fitness goals may vary from augmenting your skills in other sports to improving your overall muscle development to losing body fat and improving general fitness. You’re looking to perform your personal training as efficiently and safely as possible and we’re committed to helping you achieve your specific goals. Our experienced personal coach will assess your current physical capabilities as well as your limitations then use this information to create a personalized fitness program just for you.

Personal Training in Fort Collins, Colorado

We at Fort Collins CrossFit PFR believe that a good personal trainer should not only be a coach and trainer but also your fan, physicist, and cheerleader. Each 30 or 60 minute session provides you with one-on-one coaching in a skill, topic, or discipline of your choice. No matter what discipline you’re looking to train or where you are on your fitness journey, our certified coaches will help you feel welcome as soon as you walk through our doors!

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Our certified coaches at CrossFit PFR in Fort Collins are experienced with weight loss and general fitness, sports specific training, Bodybuilding prep, Olympic Weightlifting, speed and agility, as well as CrossFit competition prep.

Our Personal Training program is the perfect program to focus on those specific CrossFit movements you’re struggling or lack the strength to achieve! Get started today with a No Sweat Intro where one of our experienced and certified coaches will discuss your fitness goals and create a personalized plan for your personal training!

Personal Training

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As head coach at CrossFit PFR, Jake’s job is to make sure everyone’s fitness needs are being met. From safety and technique to programming to community and everything in between.CF L-1, CF L-2 Trainer, CrossFit Football.  Previously obtained USAW Sports Performance Coach ACE Personal Training Certification  970-560-9830

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Personal Training
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