Things you must know about CrossFit Games

Things you must know about CrossFit Games

Origin of CrossFit Games

In 2007, to know who is the Fittest on Earth, CrossFit Games were organized and since then it has never turned back. According to Forbes, this game is “one of the fastest growing sports in America,” and why won’t it be as it is full of challenges. This is the only game that tests fitness accurately and there are no loopholes that allow the participants to slip over.

How are CrossFit Games events designed?

Most of the CrossFit Games events involve a plethora of functional movements, such as large loads, covering long distances, speed, accuracy, etc. In a nutshell, one can say that these games are designed to test your fitness on the basis of a specific exercise program and not to train you. This is one of the reasons why the workout program here is not easily replicable.

The Three-stages of CrossFit Games:

First Stage

The first stage is the Open, which includes five-week extended five-workout competition, which is held in the winter in the gyms affiliated by CrossFit all across the globe. Each Thursday, the workouts are released online and all the participants have to submit their scores by the following Monday. Athletes of at least 14 years old are allowed to sign up for the first stage of the CrossFit Games season.

Second Stage

This stage is Regionals in which the top athletes of the 18 worldwide regions enter the three-day competition, which is live and is held from May through June. The best athletes from two regions then combine and compete at one of nine Regionals in order to get into the final stage of CrossFit Games.

Final Stage

The top 40 men, 40 women, and 40 teams are able to qualify the spot to the game at Regionals and among these, the world’s fittest are ranked in the CrossFit Games.  The most interesting part of the game is that the athletes engage in a series of challenges in this game which are unknown to them until the events begin.


The scoring of CrossFit games is also much unbiased as here a relative scoring system is used that reward points to the athletes with respect to their placing in each in comparison to their peers and not profusely on their performance of a particular event. Interestingly, each event will be worth 100 points, and athletes earn points according to their performances.  


If you are someone who wants to show the world that you are the fittest person in the world, then make sure you opt for CrossFit games. Contact Crossfit PFR to learn more about the Games.

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